Oh Well…..

It has been a busy day.

I have been to the grocery, and to the auto parts store to get supplies to clean the Indians.

Tonight I cooked dinner on the grill, we had London Broil, Shrimp, Green Beans, Squash. It was a grand meal!

I have been drinking Jack Daniels shots, after consuming a six pack of Budweiser.

I have cleaned my Indian, but I am not going to work in the morning. I have called in and used my F.M.L.A. I will take tomorrow off without pay.

Mick has been here to visit on his way to Tulsa for the big gun show. I have sold my .54 caliber Hawken Rifle to Mick’s buddy Tony. I sold  the rifle for $150, found money as this gun was built for me by my ex-father-in-law. Feels good getting rid of this and erasing the memories of him and his daughter and my son with that wretched bitch. That child is just like his mother, acting like everyone owes him something.

Debbie is still non weight bearing. 

I am me, not much to say.


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