The joys of being in hospital…

So…. I cut my hand open… The day before I have a full week of work… After going through a palava of finding a way to get to said job and finally sorting that out… Now I have to have explorative surgery on my hand due to the fact that the doctors think I might have sliced a ligament, which also means I’m out of work for the next month…

So its safe to say im having a fecking shite week -_- im so angry at myself for getting injured so badly, as it looks like a payday loan and going on the sick for a month is the only way we’re going to survive this month… Especially with the youngest chitlin’s birthday next Monday… :'( 

This could not have come at the worst time… Only I could be so stupidly unlucky it just couldn’t get much worse unless the doctors completely fuck up my surgery and either ruin my hand altogether or kill me… If I don’t die from either boredom or an excessive amount of holes in my body doesn’t kill me first… 

4 thoughts on “The joys of being in hospital…”

  1. Oh no! That’s awful. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It sucks that you cut, but the important thing is that you are okay.

    Congrats on the new job. I hope they are sympathetic of your injury and are okay pushing back your start date.

  2. Thanks guys :’) I’m still waiting for the surgeon to come and talk to me about my op so I’m hoping I’ll be in theatre and out before walking dead tonight! Lol this terribly boring in hospital though so thank fudge for literature!
    Hope you both are having a better week than I! Lol xxx

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