The Morning Report

 It’s a bright, but chilly morning over here. The smell of chimney smoke and burning wood drifts through the air. It actually makes me slightly home sick, but I am slowly adjusting to the fact that this is my home now and atleast somethings are not completely different.

The kids are home from school today because their schools are being used as the voting venues for the city. I haven’t been too invested in this upcoming election because I really don’t like nor trust either canidate. I can’t remember the last time I really intensely disliked all the canidates on the ballot. I would be thrilled that this could be a year that goes down in history and that we finally elected a female president, but it is Hillary… so… I am still undecided who it is that I will be voting for. A few girls from work were talking about it last night. They think Hillary is the lesser of the two evils. I wish I could be as sure as them, but I’m not.

Gypsy came up to the house this morning for some breakfast. I wonder if she’d like a dog house or a shelter so she has some where safe to go when the weather is bad. I believe that she uses one of the decrepit boats next door as a shelter. It seems so unsafe. Atleast she can come up on the porch to score an easy meal.


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