Day 254 – Not much

Monday, November 7th 2016

Today was alright. I started off with technology and I’m now working with premiere pro. I already used it in the past so I’ll easily breeze through this one.

I then had math and things are going well. We have a quiz tomorrow.

At lunch I sat with a close friend and we went over to see Kohai. I was dealing with server stuff through Discord most of the time, but then we discussed about a time for Kohai to try a bunch of things, because she never went to a nice ice cream and chocolate place called Chocolat Favoris, hasn’t ridden a bike in years and hadn’t tasted ketchup or mustard for years either.

I then had programmation and finally made something work, but now another problem arised. Have to figured out how to show the web user that they wrote the wrong answer to a riddle.

I finished with cooking and my partner and I were angry about our other partner making changes to our PowerPoint, and other teams needed time too, so our teacher gave us time to finish as well as teach some people how to make coffee if they were done their PowerPoint.

When I got home I hanged out on the server, talked with Kohai and watched YouTube.

That’s all for today.

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