How the Hell am I supposed to put gloves on while wearing this??

Ok, Let’s start by saying…I’ve only been married since July of this year (2016) and got engaged in January of this year (2016). So needless to say, In January…this was NOT a problem however I have encountered the strangest problem that I never thought I’d have….How in the hell do women wear rings while putting on GLOVES!!?? It’s getting cold outside and I’m finding out that I’m needing gloves more and more often. Also…..they snag, rip the gloves, get turned around and I’m afraid of the diamond falling out or some bullshit. I know that doesn’t happen often but knowing me and my luck, that would happen…to me…probably twice in a row. That’s just how bad my luck is. AND…If anyone thinks I’m going to actually wear the ring on the OUTSIDE of my glove (like in this thumbnail) then you insane girlfriend!!!! Not only do I think it looks like a bunch of bullshit, but I don’t really feel like it will fit over my finger AND the glove..and yes, I have fat fingers. Plus I don’t really feel like it’s all that much “safer” to wear it on the outside of the glove. Anyway, Someone…if anyone has any advice for me on this bullshit, I’d love to hear it. I’m beside myself and now that it’s getting colder outside, I’d rather not spend 20 minutes fighting with my gloves in the mornings before I head out for work. JEEZZZ!!!                                                                                                                               Kitty <3 (Mew)

4 thoughts on “How the Hell am I supposed to put gloves on while wearing this??”

  1. The bottom line, in my opinion: make yourself comfortable. If that means you take the rings off when you have to wear gloves, do it. It doesn’t mean you have less love or respect for your significant other…it’s just that gloves weren’t designed to wear with gloves, and gloves which easily accommodate rings would look enormous. So give yourself a break. You’re not making a choice between love and comfort. You’re doing what you can to preserve the gloves AND not lose the ring.

  2. Well, my original concern was just for the tangled mess that my hands/fingers get in when putting on the gloves. Has nothing to do with Love. I have no worries at all on that issue. I have no where to put the rings if I decide to take them off. I can’t just put them inside my pants pocket….

  3. I throught I wrote you a comment, but I don’t see it. Any how, I wear my engagement band on a chain around my neck when I am unable to wear it on my hand. That way it can always be with me.

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