I am an astronaut!

I remember being a teenager, I used to tell my dad, “I’ll be an astronaut and will travel though the space…around the universe…like no one could ever imagine!” 

Right..So here I am…let’s see if I have done it all…for a change I’ll go through this in a descending fashion…have I traveled around the universe like no one could ever imagine …hmm well technically..yes..I have traveled in my imagination like no one could ever imagine…I have conquered planets, sat on the moon, juggled the stars, hula hooped Saturn..and what not! In reality, have I traveled the universe..hmmm… the farthest I have traveled is from India to UAE. Period.  

I am an IT professional who was working for a renowned IT company in India. All was fine, I had my own bunch of friends, I had my set of parties (not many, though decent enough for me to be entertained with). Life was good..and then I met with an accident. I was hit, and that too hit very hard, with none other than Love. Love struck me and and the blow was quite big. All I could see was love and the future tense of love, i.e. Marriage. Not wasting much time I got married and my love was from UAE (fyi.. he is an Indian but he works in UAE). He came down for the marriage to India and we were together for a month and believe me..that one month was awesome because the two of us were on vacation. We would eat, sleep, drink, bath, shit…do everything together. Finally, the vacation had to end and he had to go back and resume his work, so did I resumed my work in India. And then the saga of Long distance relationship began. I couldn’t bear the separation, all I wanted was him to come back or me to go to UAE. We chose latter. I took a leave from my work for few months and thought that I would stay for these many months with my hubby. That’s how I landed up in UAE. 

So you must be wondering that’s perfect..we are together now. Well..we are together but still we aren’t. The problem is he is still working and I am on a vacation. He leaves for his work early morning and comes back at night. After he is home, we eat and then we sleep (ahem ahem… of course we do stuff what you are thinking about..but that alone is not good enough to sustain in a relationship). I have like 12..15 hrs for myself, well that’s a good way to portray my loneliness. Honestly, I am alone and I have absolutely nothing to do the whole day. How much cooking will I do (I am not fond of it), how much of cleaning will I do (I am not fond of it either), movies..series…internet…yes but there is a point when one feels sluggish about all this. I don’t really know the neighbors here, not that I didn’t try to mingle but it ain’t working. I don’t know the place..at least I could roam around. Thought of roaming in a cab, but that is expensive too ( as I am not working I cannot blow the money too). So, it’s just me and my own space.

Well, not that I am cribbing of being alone. It does get to you at times, but sometimes it is indeed nice and peaceful to be alone. You get to do everything at your own pace… be it cooking, washing or anything. You can even take a nap for that matter. You can actually jump around naked! You learn to be independent mentally. You get your own sweet time to sort through problems. You become more tolerant and relaxed. You’ll get to know more about who you are. Who knows..you might find your new best friend in yourself!

Coming to the first part of my statement, Am I an astronaut and have I traveled though the space? Yes..I am in my own space..wondering and traveling through various thoughts. Though there are downs in between, but yes there are ups too. This is me..I am an astronaut!

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