I can do this…

I’m determined to try my hardest at the game tonight. I’m not used to being the worst player on the team and it’s been a humbling experience. It’s sad how your confidence slowly starts to disappear with age. When I was younger, I didn’t care if I missed a shot, gave a bad pass, lost the ball, etc., but now? I’m afraid to screw up so I play a safe game. The problem with this approach is I’m not accomplishing anything. I know my team doesn’t trust me. I’ve become *that* girl*: The one they don’t want to pass to. I just need to have some faith in myself, but faith alone won’t make me a better player and an asset to the team. I need to physically try. Come to the ball. Make a run. Take a shot. I’ve asked my husband to help me tonight. He’s a fantastic player so I know he’ll do what he can to set me up, send me passes, etc. I love him for that. He’s willing to do all of the work on the field and give me glory (that final tap in) just so I feel better about myself. I think I can do it tonight! We’re not playing a strong team so I don’t need to feel so incompetent. I just don’t want to turn into one of those old (I’m 30, lol) people who just sort of coasts because they’re too afraid to make mistakes. I miss the invincibility  I felt when I was young. Can anyone relate to that feeling?

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