I guess My first Journal

Hey, I am starting a blog I guess well my Journal. In this, I guess I will be talking about me. Well, I will just start by saying everyone says that I want attention… NOT TRUE. If I did I would be a good kid so I can get positive attention as my older brother does. I hope you guys do know I love to read also. but other than that I guess I just love… I don’t know

Currently, it’s November 7, 2016, and may I just say. Today was a good day for me I didn’t get yelled at that much. As I normally do. But we have mice but today we figured out not only is it mice but also RATS. Yup, we have seen mouse not rats but the inspector said we also have rats which I can hear scratching at my wall which scares me so I hate it. And I am scared when they scratch it’s annoying when they don’t I am scared they got in I might as well sleep with my brother. Because (oh No it stopped)… If they get in I scream if they scratch all night I am okay… I guess. I can’t even sleep.

Other than that I went to the Library and park today I got three books. Then we laid out at the park I am homeschooled so I have been talking to my friend all day while doing this.

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