I talk a lot about cats…

I’m a teeny bit bummed out right now, but that’s only because I miss The Man. He’s at work making that bacon. I hope he knows how much I appreciate it. There was a time when his work ethic was less than desirable and he has spent more time on unemployment than I care to divuldge. His current work place success fills me with pride.

Today has been in the mid to upper 30’s (I believe that’s just above 0° Celsius for all my foreign friends… I’m sorry I conform to the american system of measurements…). I caved and turned the heat on. Deedee has a bug and I think I’ve caught it. I really wantes to sneak over to the department store this evening and get The Man a new hoodie, but I was exhausted from a mixture of lack of sleep + whatever virus I’m fending off. Maybe I can accomplish this mission tomorrow and surprise him with it. I really feel the need to present him with some sort of gift and something along the lines of cozy.

Cat updates: Gypsy swung by twice today (that I know of). There is also another kitty duo that have been helping themselves to the never ending food dish I leave on the steps. One of these new cats has it’s ear clipped so I know it has already been spayed / neutered, but it hangs out with a tiny tabby kitty that looks roughly about 4 months old. No clue what the relation is there. I’ve decided to call my side porch the kitty hostel since we get so many feline visitors. So far I’ve only named Gypsy  (in addition to Cersi, Gompers, and Gerard all of whom I rarely see). 

Jake has been “accident” free since I cleaned the house. He still whines to get into Deedee’s room. I can only him to play about 15 minutes a day which is less than my goal for him, but better than nothing. He is finally getting used to eating in the kitchen with Andy and Tyrion.

Tyrion’s eye has completely cleared up. His breathing is fine and his lungs are clear. I feel a lot better now.

Andy is adorable. I love how he waits by the door for me when I come home from work. I seriously love this cat.

Toothless is still eating and drinking. She is having mobility issues. I don’t want to think about what happens next. I’m guessing my friend will not be with us in 2017. It kills me that I can not save her. I dread the day I write the blog announcing her passing. I still have time left to love her and show her how much she means to us. I am so thankful I have been given time to adjust. 

Guess that’s it for tonight because now I need a kleenex!

2 thoughts on “I talk a lot about cats…”

  1. Dear Goddess, I love the picture above! What a beautiful cat. I love cats, too, I love the personality of calico’s we have had in the past. I’m sorry Toothless is declining. I know that breaks your heart. As long as she is still eating that is a good sign. I pray for her. I do. Remember that obscure little verse in the Bible, Psalms36:6 “Both man and beast Thou savest, O Lord.” You will not be separated from your kitty forever. Just for a bit of time. I had a visionary dream of my dog running down a heavenly hill to meet me, holding one paw up like he always did. I know God sent me the dream. It encouraged me so much. This was some time ago now. I remember it so clearly, though. God bless Toothless and you very much!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I would love other worldly visits from Toothless once her spirit has left her body. It might help me make peace with her leaving especially since she has been sick for so long. I don’t want her to live her life in pain.

    The uber adorable guy in the picture is Andy. He holds a big chunk of my heart in a different way than Toothless. He loves to cuddle and he is very vocal. He constantly presents his belly to me for pets.

    It is a huge comfort to know Toothless will be saved. She has earned so much.

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