Letting go

I try to let go of him for more than two years. And then a few months ago I though that I finally let go of him. 

But there was one thing. I though that I was sacrificing myself, giving  away the thing that I most wanted.Sacrifice, this was the only thing on my mind. But what i didn’t understand by then, is that letting go was not a sacrifice. I was completely misunderstanding myself.

Therefore I was waiting for a compensation, for some sort of good thing that should happen to me as i was sacrificing myself. I was waiting for some sort of giving back which would make me happy.  My logic is if i give him away, let him go, something or someone better will come along. So i waited and waited but there was nothing and this make me bitter. 

But i was wrong. Letting go is not expecting something better to come along. Through out my mistake i learn that letting go is just to free yourself from all the if and what could have been. Letting go is finally knowing that there is no more hope and fantasy. It’s simply embracing those beautiful moments with that person without any regrets and pain.  Letting go is simply moving on and hoping that some day he will find someone who will make him happy. Letting go is letting this person go his own way and at the same time letting yourself to move on without expecting something better to come along. You let go because it’s time and it help you to free yourself from the past,to embrace the present and the future.

It’s letting go of the thing you once cherished without expecting nothing in return except peace in your heart.

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