I am so unhappy, unhappy with myself and my life. I have so many people involved in my life. Mostly all have negative energies. My son is a brat. My boyfriend is constantly irritable, and my dad has a drinking problem. The only joy I feel is that I am pregnant and that gives me hope.


My boyfriend and I have make a verbal commitment to work together on a new home and raising the baby as partners.


However, I don’t feel like we are a team. My son, my boyfriend and myself. I try, I am quiet, I think before I talk or act. Unfortunately no matter what I do or say, his reaction makes me feel like I get stabbed in the chest every time.


I know that I am the only person that can change my life, the way I see things. I have been working on this for a few years now and I feel hopeless.


Anyway, this one has to be short because I am working, have my son with me and have to run to the ER to pick my boyfriend up.


Good day!

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