Tuesday November 8th

I am feeling a little better than Sunday. Extremely frustrated with school right now. It is not going well at all. Discipline is not happening. Even if I wasn’t planning on moving away, I would be looking for other job options. 

I have mixed feelings about selling my house. I hate doing all the work- all the yard work- pulling weed sucks, mowing sucks, but I do love how it looks. My house is beautiful and I have worked so hard to make it just what I want. It is totally me. It is a lot like when I worked so hard on our Rosehill house. It was hard for me to leave it, too. 

Sometimes I think about moving and having a tiny apartment and changing my phone number and having nothing to take care of but me and Sophie, and I feel excited at the prospect. As I have started to sell my things in order to make this happen, some have been a little harder to part with. I loved my sled. I love my McC0y pitcher. I love my modern tea pot. Do I actually need any of those things? Not even a little bit. 

I have thought that maybe it would be good for me to take a nice vacation with some of the money from selling my house. 

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