Baby shoes

Harry and me went to the birthday picnic! It’s the first time I’ve actually taken Harry to the city centre and he was really well behaved. Driving is always easy, he likes being in a moving car. Parking is always a problem in the town centre but I was lucky! Only thing it was absolutely freezing! And it’s been freezing ever since. Luckily I wrapped up Harry really warm. He has gloves but he finds hats really itchy so I usually end up just putting up his hood. The coats and things I buy him always have cute little ears on the hoods 🙂 The birthday boy was really ill! The picnic was a great idea; Harry and Aneurin were the only children there, and Catherine and her fiancé had only invited me and two other friends. Problem is it really was cold and Aneurin looked so ill and rather heavy eyed! 🙁 The next day Harry and me were ill and we’re both unwell at the moment. Whenever Harry gets ill I get ill and it’s always so tough because you can’t rest because you have to look after your ill little one! Last night I was so tired I barely remember it, haha. Harry walked outside on the ground for the first time ever though at the picnic which was great! I have tried to get him to walk on the ground but he was a bit scared and only wanted to sit down, he wouldn’t walk. This time he clung to me for five minutes with his face buried in my arm as he usually does then he began to explore. I don’t have any proper shoes for him though, he was just wearing booties! They have semi-hard soles but I want to find him proper rubber soled shoes or something.

I’ve been feeling really poorly, Harry was really ill yesterday and I had to give him two doses of calpol plus saline nose spray for his blocked nose! I hope he’s much better for tomorrow because just Harry, Will and me will be spending time together tomorrow. I’m actually pleased because Will actually requested it himself. It.s always his mum asking me things and I was wishing Harry’s father would actually be the one to say he wanted to spent time like a little family! It would be excellent for Harry! We’re going to see if Harry can have proper shoes fitted in town and basically just get some advice! Then we’re going to try take him to soft play. Will doesn’t drive so I’ll be picking him up with Harry then driving us all to town then to the soft play afterwards. Might have to stop back home for something to eat though. Harry isn’t great eating when we’re out and about because he’s just so interested in his surroundings!

He’s cute though; he loves bananas so I chop up a whole one and put the pieces on a plate and leave them on a small table for him, so he can grab them and still be on the go at the same time (he despises sitting in his high chair, he doesn’t last five minutes!) but when he finishes he brings his empty plastic plate to me and hands it to me awww 🙂 I’m enjoying Harry being a baby so much!

Anyway I’m trying to get things sorted for Mexico…got my typhoid vaccination this Friday and I need to ask about what vaccinations Harry might need and book those in. Anyway I’m starting to feel really ill and tired…the evenings are always the worst for colds and things. I always end up feeling awful by this time!

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  1. I hope you feel better very soon. Sometimes it is almost a blessing when little ones are a tiny bit ill because they just cuddle and rest.

    Shoe shopping for Harry sounds like fun! Did you have an idea of what type of shoes you want to get him? I always got my kids (when they were toddlers) sneakers that light up so I could see them when they venture away from me.

    How much longer do you have until your Mexico trip? That is ultra exciting!!! I have family down in Merida. It is so gorgeous down there.

  2. Thank you savedbygrace and thanks therealgoddessianna, I did end up getting him the shoes that light up when he walks around 🙂 We leave for Mexico City on December 14th!!

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