Nov. 9

I think I really like this site and I’ll be staying.


Yesterday was a good day, I think.  Every Tuesday my kids have an activity that I actively volunteer with.  About half the time we go out to dinner afterwards.  There was a big group last night and I had a lot of fun in which I was able to forget my problems for a little while.  I wanted so badly to text my friend and tell her something but I didn’t.  I was proud of myself.


However, I caved when I got home.  We sent about 4 – 6 texts back and forth about travel.  Probably a big mistake.  If she can hurt me this badly over nothing, then what’s to stop her from totally destroying me when I actually do something wrong?  I hate it when my heart gets involved!  I am healing but I miss having somebody to talk to about everything.  Pretty much every night we would stay up until midnight or later texting about anything and everything.


On other notes, I got a nasty text from my mother because I sent her a picture of my daughter’s new hair cut.  Well no big surprise there.  I regret not sending her a close up of the  fake piercings and perhaps I could airbrush a tattoo in there to really get a rise out of her.  My husband comes home for 3 weeks a week from today.  My anxiety is already sky high over it.  I just hope it doesn’t go as badly as I know it will.

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  1. I don’t know what to say, except Bless your Heart! Hugs and prayers from Grace.

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