The End…….

Do you ever have one of those moments where everything hits you at once and reality sets in? Its finally happened. For the final time. I no longer have the will or the strength to continue to live this life. I do a lot for people, for my “family”. I give them money, i pretty much pay for their love and attention and they still do me wrong. Everyone uses me, then drops me as if i were nothing to them. Its draining, Im tired. Im tired of being lonely and not having anyone to call. Im tired of being ignored because i have nothing to give. Im tired of being there for other people and they leave me hanging when i need them. I try my best to make everyone feel better, but what about me? Im lonely, so lonely. No one knows how i feel. Its never going to get better. I don’t even want to live to find out if it does to be completely honest. My mom has tried to help me through it all. I love her for that. But some things she just can’t fix. But i appreciate her being there for me. I love her more than anything. But i can’t stay here anymore. I believe i was a mistake. Im not emotionally or mentally stable enough to stay alive any longer. Im not sure how or when. But i do know it will be sometime soon most likely. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to feel. I can’t take it. Farewell.

One thought on “The End…….”

  1. I can hear the pain in your words. I do not underestimate them. I am sorry you’re suffering so much. I think the key is to focus on your love for your mother. She has been there for you. She has tried. Don’t take yourself away from her. Believe me, a loving mother is a gift from God. He has blessed you with her. Don’t hurt her. When you are lonely and feel despair, bear it for love’s sake. Can you love that much? I believe you can and will. I pray that friends –real ones–will come into your life and that you will look back one day and be so THANKFUL that you chose Life. God bless you. Remember please that He is always as close as a whisper. He loves you. More than you can ever imagine. It’s true.

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