This morning started off in full swing with coffee, breakfast sandwich, and hash browns from chick-fil-a. I’ve got to hand it to The Man, he makes me feel like a queen every day.

We had a quiet, easy morning with the kids. The Man fixed the bottom rails on Deedee’s bed (we have no clue how it broke in the first place). I was able to tidy up the house a bit. We are saving up for our “dream” home and in the mean time we rent a really tiny 3 bedroom house. It’s older, very plain, and lacks charm. With all of us in such tight quarters it is hard to keep the house. My backyard is incredible – worth my rent alone, nevermind my house! 

The Man rented a few movies for the kids and I to enjoy on our day off. He selected the latest Star Trek movie (pointer finger shoved down my throat gesture), Supergirl, and Vikings Season 4. So I’ve had quite an enjoyable day watching those muscular Norse man pillaging and warring with France. I really love a man’s man plus with all that Norse mythology I am invested for the long haul.

After I binged watched some tv, I shaved Bobo’s head for him. He really, really needed a hair cut, but his crazy over grown locks made an extra special touch with his Halloween costume so we put it off intentionally. 

This evening I took the kids to the store to pick up some goodies for dinner. I wonder if I am the only mom who goes through this… If I buy $300 worth of groceries my kids will eat it all in 1 to 2 days. Insane! Since I refuse to resort to something crazy like putting locks on the pantry, I’ve learned just to get a few days worth of groceries at a time. Yes, it means I constantly have to run to the store, but it also means we always have fresh food. I also admit that I am one of those mom’s who will let her kids each eat something different than their siblings for their meals. Rarely do I make just one dish for all 3. The reasoning behind this stems from my childhood – I am the pickiest eater and while yes, food is nurishment, it is also meant to be enjoyable. I only eat what I like and I don’t care how rude that might seem.

After the grocery store I voted. I wrote in a candidate. I just can’t vote for some one I don’t trust.  Then, I got The Man a hoodie while I was out. I hope that he likes it. The days are getting colder and even though he’s a born and raised New Englander like me, I still want him to stay warm and toasty.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday”

  1. I am a picky eater, too. Right now I’m binging on Lucky Charms cereal. Nothing else appeals to me. I think you’re a great mom!

  2. Thanks. The most important thing to me is having all solid bond with all 3 kids. I readily accept and adjust to the 3 widely distinct personalities. I adapt to them. I don’t expect them to bend their wills to be some sort of version that I have laid out for them. My parents are complete strangers to me. I always wondered why they even bothered to have me… I always felt like a burden growing up.

    My kids are not burdens. They are creatation in such an innocent, remarkable form. I want them to know that they are the universe’s gift to me and in turn, I share them with the universe.

  3. Thank you for your prayers! It is a blessing to have the kindness of a friend.

    I love the Vikings series!!

    (digging back in my History I have a bit of Viking blood in my veins)

  4. I felt like a burden too when I was a child! My mom practically said so, when I was grown she said: “If I had it to do over again, I’d probably choose a career instead of children.” She said that right to ME. I always felt she was ashamed of me; and she was because I counted arithmetic problems on my fingers. But that is past. We are good friends now, thank God. I am sorry you can’t have a close relationship with your parents. It’s an ache in the heart, even though we don’t think about it. But you have a wonderful relationship with your children—you make sure of that, and that makes you a wonderful mom.

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