Growing Pains

As dawn turns to full blown morning I am left acutely aware of how fast the hands of time click towards uncharted waters, futures bright, but unknown.

We live our lives in the beautiful state of South Carolina and one of the very few draw backs here (aside from terrible driving) is that the school system is not up to par. Snoochie IS a genius and Deedee rides along the border. Apparently it is in my genes. My uncle was a genius and my brother is as well. I am so lucky to have kids that take in knowledge so easily. Both girls have always breezed through school and now that they are in 6th and 9th grade they still have YET to be challenged.

For awhile (and I still do) I considered homeschooling, but I worry about how that would affect them socially, not to mention how it would affect the colleges they will be applying too. Just because the girls are gifted in some areas, they are still children. Socially & emotionally Snoochie is at her age level, but Deedee actually has a deficit. 

Turns out South Carolina already has the perfect solution in the form of the notable Governor’s School. It’s a fast paced school and students live on campus. The school is designed for gifted and talented young individuals like Deedee and Snoochie.

So in 2 years time, Deedee will be living the dorm life, away from her family, and attending the prestigious school. She will be a junior in high school. It scares me to have her spread her wings so soon. I won’t be able to see her at all during the week, but she will only be a phone call away.

Tonight Snoochie has a chorus concert. The Man has to work and will not be able to go. Bobo, Deedee, and myself will go sit and cheer Snoochie on. She will also most likely go to the Governor’s School, but we have a few years to prepare.

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