My Wednesday journal

Went sleep pretty late last night after a shocking news about president. Ended up going to bed around 2 AM and woke up tired in the morning today but got work on time. Work was pretty busy as usual. It was pain in the ass to work on Photoshop on my Macbook pro since some mystery reason it slows down significantly. However, got my job done. Also, moved on to other project that will help build the new theme better and fast. Stayed at the office till 7 PM then skated back to home. Just a fact about the election that everybody in the office look pretty sad or down today. Can’t still believe this happened. It feels like I’m living in a city that’s not part of the rest part of the US except for big cities like New York or Chicago.

Back home around 7:30 PM then drove to the gym. Worked out my core and legs today. I really like the new pistol squat routine. My legs are already so tired now. Back home took a shower then headed out to K-town for dinner at 10 PM. Got too hungry and couldn’t help it. When I get hungry, I have to eat. Ended up at the new Korean restaurant but I didn’t really like that much. Checked off one more place tho. 11:31 PM now feel pretty sleepy. Will go to sleep soon after this. Goodnight All!!!

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  1. @sterlingjoy, @californiadream I feel the same way. A lot of people keep saying that this is not going to affect us, but it really is. I live in Chicago and everyday I have to deal with people who are unaware of the things that happen to minorities. When I found out the news, I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. But on a lighter note, I am so glad that you have a ‘chill’ Wednesday. 🙂

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