November 10th 2016

I woke up feeling weird and spacey. The day turned out to be a miserable one. The day like this, it is hard for me to be positive or grateful.  I usually have at least an okay day once I went out but today wasn’t like that. I wish I had just stayed at home. But I have committed myself to keep on going this ritual for a while… so here it goes.

My morning ritual Day 24

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that I could swim well. I am grateful that I got to see a lot of beautiful autoum leaves . I am grateful that I could use a lane by myself a whole time at the pool yesterday.

2)Write down one positive experience that occurred the past 24 hours as detail as possible. Everything went so perfect at the spa yesterday. It was almost empty and the sauna felt so good. I always have a great time there.

3)Exercise for 15 minutes or more     I did 35 minutes yoga.

4)Meditation                                           I did 5 minutes in the train

5)Write a letter to someone to express gratitude 

Dear the artists at the museum,

I really enjoyed looking at your work today. I felt I would like to strat painting again. Soem of them really touched me deeply. Thank you

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