Day 257 – One year

Thursday, November 10th 2016

Can’t believe it’s been a year since I began on Goodnight journal. I’m so glad I found this website, was finally capable of writing entries daily unlike I could never accomplish before and meet some great people like savedbygrace, PrettyInBlack, Lee Paysour and much more that I’ve only had small comments with. So thank you for those who have spent their time reading my entries, as boring as they can be.

Today was definitely a real good one. I had to wake up early to have my mom prepare my hair and put on the makeup I don’t know how to put on correctly and only do for when I got to church, before she went to work.

I went first to my cooking class and it was kinda boring, so skip to programming, also nothing happened other than seeing my average is 93% which is awesome, so skip again to lunch where I just sat with a close friend and Kohai and they jumpscared me from behind ;-; , so skip again to math, where we worked for 30 mins before going to our ceremony for those who had a 80%+ last year. I got a 82.6% and I was hoping for higher, but hey, it’s something, right? I’m still happy with the fact that I got it and hope I will have an average of 80%+ again this year, so gonna have to work hard.

We were capable of going home early, so I worked on my math homework. I didn’t understand how to do it at first and I was having difficulty with it, so I spent 2 hours on it and I’m still not done. There are some word questions I got not clue how to do them. The rest though I seem okay, I still need to practice.

After that, I made one holiday skin for staff, went on the server a tiny bit and played more TellTale Batman, which is pretty fun. Oswald is so different from the usual versions. Instead of being odd and short, he’s tall, handsome and Australian. I don’t mind this version at all though, I like it, since you can still see he kinda has that personality where you know he was made fun of as a kid, and that’s Oswald, the weird kid with a temper you don’t wanna mess with.

That’s all for today.


EDIT : Someone pointed out that something didn’t quite add up a few days after this entry; I have not been here for a year. I accidentally went from 200s to 300s while titling me entries. No wonder I didn’t believe it’s been a year! Oops.

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  1. CONGRATS ON A WHOLE YEAR OF WRITING!!!!!!! It’s so awesome that you’ve stuck to it for so long.

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