My Thursday journal

My legs were so sore from the work out last night it actually hurt to walk and skating to work. Some reason I didn’t have good sleep either. Woke up little tired. Grabbed a croissant on my way to work and started my day. I was pretty busy all day at work and meeting with Danilo. He suggested a very good thing to document things I work on in a visual format. I definitely agree that will help me more productive as well beside showing people what I’m doing in here. I think I was struggling little bit not to see much result on the live site. I know I’m working on a lot of things but it does not seem like it cause not much changed on live site. Still working on dashboard which will definitely make a huge different but I need to do something to see what I’m doing beside that and what impact I make from the work I do here. I’m thinking about writing everything on Medium which I planed to do anyways. I think this will make a huge change! Worked till 7 PM and skated back to home. Didn’t do much after. Just took a shower and went sleep after looking things around on my cellphone for about an hour. Felt very tired by some reason.

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