December is going to be a busy month! I have a lot of events coming up that I’m excited about, mainly Ashley’s birthday party (my BFF), Mike’s work Christmas party (I want to look good, be charming and make him proud), holiday photos (with the dog), Christmas and NYE. So many sparkly outfits to buy… I have my eye on this shirt. I think it would look adorable over a pair of nice black leggings and thigh high boots! Also, Ashley and I are getting our makeup professionally applied for her big day (she’s turning 30) and if you buy $60 worth of product the application is free which is perfect because the place has a green colour corrector – something I’ve had my eye on for awhile! I have pretty good skin in that it’s clear with no scars, but I always looked flushed. This product is supposed to even everything out.

I think I’ll take it easy for the rest of November. I still have work and soccer to keep me busy, but I want new outfits for all of those occasions. Between that and gifts it’s going to be an expensive time of year.

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