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My mum has chosen to retire from her work and she’s been extremely stressed about it. Even though she won the battle with cancer she’s been left with lots of side effects of all the chemotherapy and radiotherapy she had. When she was having the chemotherapy it even caused her to have two mini strokes. That was awful because her face started falling on one side one night and she was terrified; they kept her in the hospital overnight. Then it happened again like a week later. Luckily my aunt from Mexico was staying with us for two whole months to help us so it was all easier to deal with! I don’t know what I would have done if my aunt had not been able to come down all the way from Mexico to stay with us! Anyway, after all that my mum has decided she can’t do what she did originally and has decided to retire. They have to get reports from the consultant who handled her cancer case and her GP and that is what has been stressful for her. I think she’s also worried about the money which worries me too as I’ve never been allowed to have paid work in the past…I don’t have a penny really to my name except for benefits. I do pay for my own things and Harrys. But obviously my parents pay electricity, gas etc. My dad tells me not to worry but I do anyway. In light of my mums cancer leading to her retiring I’m definitely going to try rethink my finances very carefully! 🙁 I just want to be able to help but my mum is actually my named carer and she still supports me so much in my emotional states… 🙁 I do what I can but…I can’t offer any money at all. I feel terrible about the whole thing because if I’d not ended up in hospital so much I’d have been able to complete my education and have a job, I would have moved out and my parents wouldn’t have to pay so much for electricity and things…but actually I won’t think like that…everything that’s happened has led to Harry…I wouldn’t change him for the world 🙂 *Sigh* It’ll be ok just need to keep going.

I got Harry’s shoes and it was really fun! I had such a good time haha. I got the ones that flash little red lights as he walks, yay! There was actually a softplay place right next to Mothercare so Will and I took him to play there 🙂 I couldn’t resist the urge to grab Harry and go down a slide with him…he wasn’t impressed but I loved it because I’m silly 🙂 I’m so happy to get Harry his shoes… 🙂 Today I got my typhoid vaccination, we leave for Mexico on December 14th. When I had my injection today to my dismay Harry needs Hepatitis A done 🙁 I had a choice for him not to have it but I’m not like that! I can’t take him to Mexico knowing there was a jab he could have had meaning he was more protected no matter how unlikely the chances were!! So Harry is booked in for next Thursday and its going to be awful but it’ll make me feel so much better knowing he’s more protected! I’ve heard that Harry’s little friend Aneurin was surprisingly well behaved on his flight to Japan earlier this week on the Monday…but he began to vomit and threw up absolutely everywhere. I had this all in a text from his mum! She sounded extremely stressed and unhappy. She said that she’d brought three changes of clothes for Aneurin and he went through all of them he was so sick. So yeah clearly bad behaviour is not the only thing that could go wrong on a long haul flight…I need to really think and prepare SO well.

The above picture is what was on my jumper yesterday when I took Harry to get his new shoes, I think it’s quite funny… 🙂 “Did you eat Dave?” No… 🙂

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