Jotting down the highs and lows of my life during teenage always gave me a sense of solace, in a strange way. With this came a weird custom of just tearing into pieces whatever I wrote, and then just throwing it away!

I wrote two poems, both for my departed dear ones. All I remember is I was crying while writing both of them, and was deep asleep after I finished them.

Apart from that, I wrote stuff, sometimes, when I was too moved by something, to be more specific.

Clueless about what happened exactly that I gave up on writing. It took a very special person to convince me to write again, couldn’t say no to him! Btw, he doesn’t know where am I going to post stuff, let’s hope he finds out someday, or maybe not! Unsure of how long will I keep writing, but whenever you find this, I want you to know, I love you, more than I thought could ever love someone. I wish you read it someday lying beside me!

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