Veteran’s Day

Tonight was one of those extra special nights. Snoochie’s middle school and the other middle school in our town put together a very special Veteran’s Day program to honor those brave men and women who help protect America and our way of life.

Over the years Veteran’s Day has lost its meaning to me, but because of this show and the hard work displayed by Snoochie and her classmates, things have shifted back into perspective. 

Both of my grandfathers were in the military. Infact my paternal grandfather contacted a disease over seas (malaria) while in the service. I believe my maternal grandfather was in the Navy. I am not entirely sure of his branch, but I do know that he was a boxer! My own father was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and well, that is a really rough position for him to have been in. He has been shot down. His friends died all around him. He had to make terrible choices to survive. The home coming wasn’t exaxtly pleasant either. He wasn’t hailed as a hero like his own father was. He is though. My dad is a hero. I wish more people recognized that after his tour was over. Kind words would have gone along way back then.

So the next time I see a Vet, I’m going to make darn sure I say “Thank you.”

I may not agree with war, but that does not mean that soldiers are not heros trying to do good and saving lives. It is all about perspective. If people would have been kinder to my dad, maybe he would not have so many demons today.

If you are in the service and you read this:

Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sacrifices you have made.

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  1. I’m fairly certain my dad has had to kill a child who was approaching his camp with a bomb of some sort. I haven’t really heard the story because my dad flat out refuses to talk about it. I think he judges himself very harshly for the things he was forced to do. The irony is, he wouldn’t judge anyone else who has been in his position. Vietnam haunts my dad in ways I will never understand.

  2. My father was in WWII, and he was a boxer in the Navy. He served in the Pacific Theater.
    Thank you for your fathers service in Vietnam. Those brave men were treated so wrong by our country.

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