Veterans Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. I want to spend the day in bed hiding but I can’t. I have been a military wife for 16 years. He’s deployed for the 9th time, totaling over 8 years in combat and counting. We’ve moved 14 times. And in the next few days, 2 very good friends of mine will be burying their husbands. Right now I am living in a civilian town. This is my children’s first exposure to living in a place where not everybody knows what a PCS is. It has been rough, especially for the boy. 


Today i I have to play chauffeur while my kids have 3 different events with their civil air patrol squadron. It starts at 8:30 am and I don’t expect to be home until midnight. I have to smile and pretend that I am happy.  I have to pretend like I am a proud military wife. Here’s the thing.. My marriage sucks and Im so tired of pretending. But I can’t concentrate on that right now because I have to get up and put on a happy face. I just hope I can find a way to excuse myself when my daughter is doing the pow/Mia table so I don’t cry. 

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  1. How stressful. Oh, my. I can’t imagine being in your shoes. You are very brave for your children’s sakes. I hope your husband will come home soon and safe, and that you will find fresh love for him, like first love only better. God bless you.

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