Day 258 – SuperWhoLock

Friday, November 11th 2016

Today was rememberance day, so thank you for the soldiers who have served our countries and have sacrificed so much for them.

I started off the day with technology and mostly spent it working on my website or talking with Kohai about Batman TellTale and various other things. We then had math and spent some of that time at a ceremony. There was the violin and the violin is my favourite instrument, so I was glad to hear it, but disappointed the one playing it wasn’t as good as he was in the past. When I spoke about it later on, apparently it’s cause he’s been spending time doing “teenager things”, such as drinking, so it’s a shame to hear that. Even though he can be a jerk, I can still somewhat like someone that can play the violin, since it’s so pleasing to the ears.

At lunch I went to a meeting for an art event that will be at the end of November and beginning December. There will be art activities and none really interest me, unfortunately. Only sketching for costume design, animation stop motion and videos (but videos will include being with people I don’t know sooo, RIP extremely shy me). Yes, animation is a career path I want to follow, but stop motion is not at the top of my list of animation genres. It’d be useful to know, but if that’s the only thing I find remotely interesting, I might just end up not going. I’ll have to think about it some more.

I then had programming, did usual website stuff, then cooking and did barely any work.

After school I went to an ice cream place with Kohai and a close friend. It was Chocolat Favoris, so if you live in Canada, look it up, it’s incredibly good. The chocolate is nice and rich. Beware though, order no bigger than a small, cause small there is like ordering a medium/almost large, plus the chocolate is already rich.

We then went over to our close friend’s house, played Mario Kart, ate pizza (tried garlic based and it’s not bad at all), then watched Supernatural, season one, episode one and two. It wasn’t super interesting, but I was told it gets better later on, and it does seem like it will, so why not, I’ll watch more. Wait, I am a fan of Doctor Who and Sherlock, so if I become a fan of this, will that finally mean I could understand/be in the SuperWhoLock fandom? Oh no, I can see the fangirling coming. I knew this day would arrive. This will be either the beginning or end of me.

When I got home, I found a Star Wars app that’s pretty fun, then watched tons of YouTube.

That’s all for today.

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