Goals/ Feeling good about myself

I used to be a type of person who was so strict on myself. Once I was committed to something, I would be able to stick with it. But one day, I got so tired of the way I was. What’s the point of torturing myself over nothing?? Who cares if I achieved or not? These thing wont affect me or anyone anyways.. Then I have stopped trying hard for anything.

After that, I would start to do something but never be able to keep it up. I would start and quit.. like this went on and on and on.. I have started to feel like I was a failure who could not do anything.

I thought.. maybe it is not what I did or could do.. The feeling of satisfaction.. that matters more.

I made some goals that I could do fairly easily. I just want to feel I am capable of something. I make sure I work on daily goals and others.


My daily goals

Write the journal and do the morning ritual

Eat healthy 80%. Don’t eat when feeling upset or overeat.

Take my meds


My weekly goals

By 5th  set up a journal site/ Done

By 12th Finish reading the book/ Did yesterday

By 19th set up a fitness blogs site

By26th Finish my Kana workbook


Monthly goals

10days 5k run per month

3 movies

3 restaurants

None of them are big deals but it is nice to have something listed what I am supposed to work on. and when I achieved, I felt good about myself. As I thought it was not what I did, but I could actually stick with it. 




2 thoughts on “Goals/ Feeling good about myself”

  1. I have the same problem you had, to a fault. Start something, never finish it. Loss of energy or interest or something. Maybe mild depression. I am so glad you’ve set some goals you find doable and have something you can check off when done. Good for you! I wish you much joy!

  2. Thank you for the comment! I was diagnosed with bipolar 2. When I feel high, I feel like I am capable of anything. But the other side, when I am down, even breathing is tough for me.. I make sure not to overdo or pressure myself over these goals. Just for feeling accomplished.

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