I don’t have a choice!

I am barely making it through college. I passed 4th semester with a GPA of 2.06 and now 5th semester is making me think about leaving this degree. 

I wanted to be an Architect all my life but I couldn’t get admission in the degree in a Government University and private colleges are damn expensive.

In the end I got admission in IT 4 year program.

In the 3rd semester our Data Structure and Algorithms professor told this in his class “There are two types of students who pass college, those who study and those who latch on to the tails of those who study”, while he said this he was looking directly at me.

Now in this semester I realize he was right. I am the kind of person who latches on to tail of another.

Even now I am asking a friend to send me his assignment so that I can change it a bit and then send it to the TA.

I keep thinking about leaving this degree and starting another one, any degree, related to Arts Subjects but like I said it is not an option. My family is waiting for me to start earning. I can’t go back two years.

I keep thinking to myself that after I complete this degree I’ll get a job work for a year or two or four or six until my younger brother starts earning and then I’ll take admission in Architecture and study again.

In every semester that has passed I wasn’t even able to remember the names of the subjects that I was studying. I would always forget the lectures that I had noted belonged to which subject?

Programming languages aren’t very difficult when you do a little practice I can do satisfactory in everything else but that is only enough to get me a GPA of 2.0. Which is really really bad if you want to get a good paying job form the start.

Luckily I got admission in the largest Government University of my country and in the field our degree has the most value as compared to degrees from other colleges, so I might be able to catch up to others in two years or so but that would be being optimistic, who am I kidding I am among the bottom 5% of the students.

A student a rusticated if GPA drops below 1.88 I am barely hanging in.

Everyday is a war for me. I had fights with my professors and I dropped those subjects even though I was doing fairly good in them, thus I have been labeled as “Crazy person who can do anything” by one of my best friends, I don’t mind ’cause that is exactly what I did.

I don’t have a choice I have to pass this degree and start earning properly, part time jobs aren’t going to cut it.  

And since have dropped a few subjects I would have to spend an extra year visiting college to retake those subjects. If I have a job then I just have to show up for mids and finals if not then the whole semester.

Wish me luck I need it a lot! 

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