I got two letter for you, one of them is F & the other one is U.

I’m — from my filter breaking. which wouldn’t be shockin’ since I really don’t have one, but I’m trying, and well.. MOTHER FUCKERS are pushin’ my buttons.

Chloe has been an handful today, i’m exhausted and (i’m gonna be a bad mom) I wish she had a mute button atm. Sheesh.. she talks too much *eye roll*

My aunt and uncle (“mom & dad”) who i’m living with atm, are having a bonfire right now.. but one of my Uncle’s friend’s WIFE likes to talk shit… about anyone and everyone; even my aunt..esp. me, although I’ve never had a real convo with this woman in my life.. She enjoys talking about my Parenting esp to people I went to school with (Dumbass) and Mommies lets me honest; that’s asking for momma bear to come out, period. (this woman has a little girl same age as Chloe too).CUTE HUH?!  So like an adult I remove myself from this situation since everyone is having drinks because, I ain’t that bitch, I WILL say something.. she spoke about my parenting once and I let that shit slide,  the 2nd time.. I called my aunt to let her know to give homegirl a heads up to “shut up or put up” in the nicest way.. but I ain’t about to hang out in the backyard like everything is straight. While I’m writing this, her child in MY room playing with MY child.. bet she won’t say shit, because she’s Cricket. She wont say SHIIIIT to my face never has yet has have Plenty of Chances.

Last Night, My Bestfriend Threw a surprise party for a friend, came to pick me up. I had to pep talk myself into going for one bc my anxiety been wack- she gets to my house and 3 mins of sitting in her car, her new douche of a BF is bitching bc an EX of her will be there. so she DITCHES everyone, doesn’t even go. that’s the 3rd time she’s done that to me. Better yet all the shit i’m going through she hasn’t even asked how I’ve been or what is up so I’m PISSED at her, and I’ve NEVER been mad at Amanda. I’m HURT.

So While i’m all in my feelings tonight, annoyed with everything and everyone, Thomas is with friends going to Ocala to “pick” shit up for work but they know someone who lives in Ocala; I’ve been with that man longer than his cousin or homeboy have know each other and I made a status on FB one of Rhianna Lyrics and Homeboy wants to Laugh so I said “YAAAAAS *Hands Up* Make sure you laugh at your friend too; OK” like I don’t know that he’s headed your way.. We live in a small ass town get out my face with that, better yet after I post that comment back it was all crickets. FUNNY though, Thomas hasn’t called to say “goodnight” to Chloe in 3 days, but now that he’s with his friends he wants to look good & call… Nice Try Honey, But i’m on to you; You’re a Joke.

I’m in this situation; Where my Husband left, My Bestfriend is Choosing her new Douche of a BF (He really is) over everyone, I feel alone. and I’m pissed like BITTER pissed.




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