Coding Saturday

Did not have a good sleep at all. I got up many times and couldn’t go back to sleep from 4 in the morning and I went to bed around 2 lol. Well, I did a laundry cause of that but I felt tired all in the morning. Took me a while to get ready and get out. I finally did tho. Walked around the neighborhood to find a place to eat. Ended u up at the all you can eat Indian restaurant on La Brea on my way to the coffeeshop. The one we wanted to go was closed seems like permanent lol. However, there was an another coffeeshop right next to it. Nikita and Caesar came little after and we started to work on own project from around 2:30 PM then stayed till closing. I got a lot done but still have a lot more to work on. Almost feel like just wrapping up at this point then move on to next project lol. We got off at 8 PM and went to revolving sushi place after. I was able to deploy my app on Google Firebase but found some errors right after. Tried to go to hookah place but couldn’t get in cause of Caesar’s id. Ended up coming back to home and fixed the bugs. So the main feature is working but not much there other than that. However tho, I feel so relived to deploy that and being able to share with colleagues. I will definitely work on it more if I get a good feedback on it. 11:49 PM now and feel pretty tired. Probably gonna go to bed soon! Too much coding today lol

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