Day 259 – Boring day

Saturday, November 12th 2016

Today was a boring day. I mostly just stayed in my room all day, only coming out to vacuum the upstairs once. I even retreated from my computer to my bed to watch YouTube on my phone, so that’s when you know I am bored. I realise I could have played Black Desert Online and that I should, because the owners bought it for me while they were already struggling financially, but I forgot. Instead I played Batman TellTale, but I finished the available episodes, so have to wait until the next comes out. I also tried moderating on the server to keep me busy, but there wasn’t many people on to moderate. I talked with Kohai a little as well since I was planning to play some more Batman TellTale and have her watch, but that’s when I realized the next episode wasn’t released yet, and I was super tired even though I woke up late this morning, so I left. I think it’s cause I haven’t been getting my iron supplements, but I ran out so my mom has to go buy some more. Might also be cause I didn’t really move today, but that’s usually how I am and I actually did move more then I usually do by vacuuming. I also wanted to write, but I didn’t really have an idea to what I could write about, so I was kinda stuck in being bored like I usually am on Saturdays. Hey, I’m so bored that I even wrote my entry 40mins before I usually do and I’m gonna end up in bed earlier than I usually am on weekends. Hope I find something to do next weekend to get me out of a bored loop. There’s so many things available to me, but I just feel like doing none of them. It’s irritating. I should have went to that bowling event finally, but didn’t think in the morning that I’d be bored later.

That’s all for today.

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