So Journal the blood pressure is still high.  The weight is still coming off quite easily I have to admit with little to no hunger.  Even ate take out pizza election night and made home make stew today and no weight gain.  After years of yo yo dieting at times I guess I finally found the secret to weight loss success for me.  Now if only I can find the secret to lowering my blood pressure.  The spinach hasn’t really eased the leg cramps/charlie horses but the bar of soap in the bed seems to help somewhat though when they happen they are extremely painful.  Can’t do a comfortable stretch while in bed anymore and have to be very careful when rolling over.  Have to see if the spinach has helped the magnesium count.  Chemo Wednesday.  The new pres elect (sorry folks but I can’t stand the sight of him) could be the cause of my high  blood  pressure?  It’s definitely a strong  possibility.  That and the fact that currently the Steelers are losing and the announcers are speaking in Spanish.  WHY???  Every game is like that on the TV’s in my house.  Nothing else is in Spanish only that.  I don’t get it.  I take that back.  They just scored and are winning by 1 never mind.  On going for two they got intercepted.  Still winning by 1 point.  Should have gone for the more sure thing.

Getting a new heating system put in our house.  Contractors are making special stuff for it as I type and are supposed to install it Thanksgiving week.  Tuesday other contractors are coming to create the cement pad for the outdoor boiler.  A whole new way of life will be happening on this end.  Feeding it twice a day.

On a very sad note my neighbor lost his son.  So so sad.  Death on either side of me so close in time.  Going to funeral home again tomorrow.   

3 thoughts on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. I know it is because you are sick that you are losing weight, but Oh, how I wish I could lose like that! I only need to lose 20 lbs. But I just can’t seem to.
    In health food stores there is a product called Natural Calm and it has magnesium in it, it is a powder you stir into water and drink. It is honestly not bad to the taste. It may help you.
    I’m sorry for your neighbor’s loss and how it makes you feel as well as them. I admire you so much for sticking with your program and taking the chemo and all its unpleasantness to stay well. You are so brave, girl! Grapes lower blood pressure. Sorry this is so random, it’s 2:00 a.m. here. Love to you. Grace

  2. Thanks Grace for the positive input. I will have to ask about the Natural Calm if my magnesium count is still not up to par. I eat grapes like crazy. High blood pressure runs in my family so I guess that is where it comes from. Okay so here goes. This is the maybe insane diet that seems to be working for me. First I firmly believe that the more you eat the more you have to eat and if you make things somewhat of a habit then you won’t think about them or have to think about them as much. My philosophy for what it is worth. The following has become a habit that I don’t have to give a second thought to. Breakfast consists of cereal with fresh fruit preferably some type of berry like raspberries, blackberries, blueberries. The kind of cereal doesn’t seem to matter. A spoon of sugar on the berries. 2% milk too. Lunch consists of cheese chunks, grapes (there’s the grapes) and maybe 5 small pretzels. If I am home lunch will consist of vegetables and lite ranch dressing for a dip. Currently cauliflower. Dinner consists of a salad of raw spinach, green, red or yellow bell pepper and red onions with French dressing. If I need to at night I have a cup of black tea, maybe some orange sherbert. Since I started this I have cheated with some take out pizza on election night and I made homemade stew and had some of it. I’m sure this won’t work for everyone but currently it is working for me and I must admit that I feel so much better minus the excess weight. Love right back to you.

  3. Awesome meal plan – I would cut out the pretzels (high sodium which can cause high blood pressure) and the spoon of sugar on the berries (berries have plenty of sugar, it’s what we have lived off on for millions of years).

    Thank you for sharing this journey through the big C. May you be cured of it.

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