Day 260

Sunday, November 13th 2016

Today was good. I went to church and the topic was about First Nations and people who when Canada was being made, took their land, claiming they do it in the name of Jesus (so a lot of history going there), so it was about apologizing and helping them and having them forgive. It’s a nice thought, especially when a lady taught someone at our church how she worships God by playing the drums, so she showed her how to. It’s touching to see a personal thing be shared with another.

Then my grandmother came over for lunch and we talked about going to Cuba in January, then I showed her some of my art, since she wanted to see it. After that I went over to play on the server. Couple of JrMods were promoted and another two hired for JrMod. I also played some Dead by Daylight, one game really, and watched an episode of Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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