My other Grandson

I talk a lot about my Matthew.  His brother, one year younger, also has autism but no other complications.  He LOVES to go to church and my hubby and I take both boys when they are here, and Jacob if he only is here.  Jacob’s speech is limited and loud.  The people in church have been so kind to him.  He goes in the door shaking hands and saying “Good morning!” and calling people by name (He reads their name tags.)  In the car on the way to church he chants:  “We’re going to the church.  We’re going to Free Chapel.  There it is!  That’s our church. Free Chapel —-Free Chapel!”  He sways to the music, in autistic fashion.  He gets so much more out of church than I usually do!  Although I love going also.  But I think it is a bigger deal for him than me.  He is so quiet all through the service.  He’s perfect.  When Matthew is home and can go with us, he starts asking “When can we go?” But he is also well-behaved during the service.  I think he’s just hungry—we do lunch at McDonald’s after church.  Just thought I’d give you a glimpse into the lives of these two precious teenagers.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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