November 12, 2016 – Misha’s Baby Shower

Misha’s baby shower was Saturday November 12th. For her, the turnout was amazing. Baby Jeremiah received 2 strollers, a car seat, 2 bouncers, a playpen, a bathtub, lots of outfits and diapers. Misha is very lucky that she has people who love her.

I graduated 6 months ago, no one threw me a trunk/graduation party. I didn’t have a group of supporters cheering me on from the audience. My mother and Misha were the only ones to show up to watch me receive my diploma. Earlier the same day, the entire family gathered in our living room to hear Misha announce her pregnancy news, yet no one showed up to my graduation. It was supposed to be my special day, and it was ruined because Misha always comes first. Even though, I was achieving something very important, it didn’t matter, because in that family, I don’t matter. No one cared and they still don’t. They are so oblivious that I am nearing the end of my first semester in college and they still think I’m in high school…

For me, her baby shower was a disaster. We were late arriving, because our flaky older sister didn’t come pick us up like she was supposed to. I stood on my feet cooking for a few hours. At the end of the event, there was leftovers, and my niece was supposed to bring my food home. Instead, she left it in the back of her car to spoil. On top of that, I didn’t get any of the $200 cake that I purchased. And to make matters worse, I wasn’t in any of the photos.

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  1. Oh, my! What a dreadful day. Not in the photos? Didn’t get any cake… sounds horrible. Worse yet that your family didn’t acknowledge your graduation. I can’t tell for sure from what you’ve written—is Misha your sister? I’m so sorry she keeps upstaging you. I doubt if she’s doing it on purpose. Some people just will not attend graduations. It may be like that with your family. But that’s not right. Your graduation is such a special day. Now you are in college! Girl, you are doing a great and brave thing, going to college!! I wish you wonderful success in college and in life. I know you have a wonderful future, and you will always take care of other people’s feelings because you know how it feels to be neglected. You’ll have more compassion than most. God bless you, dear girl.

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