I was walking around my neighborhood. I saw a dog. Reveille. She and her handler were walking my way. Suddenly, the handler lost control. Rev ran off. I called her over to me. She came happily. I grabbed her leash and she started to drag me towards my house. I looked back and more guys from the corps were headed towards me. Rev continued to tug and run towards my house. I stopped outside. Rev sat and the handler approached slowly. “How did you do that?” he asked. I shrugged. “I dunno. I called her. She came, and then bolted for over here.” Everything went dark and when I could see again, the guys from the corps and I were sat at the table inside my house. Rev shifted constantly between laying near my chair and her handler’s chair. The guys spoke and I sat silently, hardly listening. I excused myself and went through the house. Rev followed me. I entered my parents’ room. My mother was lying on the bed. She was sick and hadn’t moved all day. “By the way mom, some boys from the corps are in the kitchen.” I watched her face. Instead of surprise she expressed concern. “Get those boys some water. It’s hot outside.” I nodded and left. Rev was no longer next to me. I returned to the kitchen and everyone had gone.

Then I woke up.

One thought on “11-14-16”

  1. What a vivid dream… My dreams don’t make any sense like yours, there’s usually random colors, giant monsters, making out, etc., but cool to know!

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