Busy Monday

It was pretty busy today at work. Well, it’s busy all the time. Got to the office around 10 AM and took about 15 mins to catch everything up. I know that my focus will be the updating main dashboard but needed to take care of some other projects and make sure they all working good. Had a lunch at Vietnamese place next. The weather is still freaking hot in day time but cools down a lot at night. It was actually chilly when I got out of the office around 6:30 PM. I like it cause it’s actually better for me to skate back to home. Wanted to go to gym but I ended up just taking a nap. I felt too tired when I got back home from the work. Didn’t really feel like working out when I got up around 8:30 PM. Instead, I went to get wings on Melrose and had it for dinner. 10:04 PM now. My new credit card is still on it’s way and I’m just looking around the price of the flight ticket to Korea. Gonna take a shower and go to sleep after. I want to feel fresh and energetic when I wake up tomorrow.

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