Day 261 – 99% chocolate

Monday, November 14th 2016

Today was fun. I started off with math and we started a chapter section which is a relief compared to the other stuff we learned so far. I then had technology with Kohai and we had to record ourselves to create an effect where it looks like we’re going really fast. We didn’t get to finish, and because if we continue tomorrow, we’ll look different after a few scenes in terms of clothing, we’ll just redo it. I have a better shot for it anyway to make it look a little better.

At lunch I sat alone and played around on my phone, then I went over to cooking class where we learned history about chocolate and tasted different kinds, from white chocolate to 99%. Yes, 99%. It was so acid and bitter… Already at 90% after trying 70 and 75% I was nauseous. I was so done with chocolate at 99%. Couldn’t take it anymore, and that never happened to me before. At least none were salted. I don’t like salted chocolate at all.

I ended the day with programming and I’ve been trying to make my website work, to the point my brother is just gonna do a part for me, since I’ve been working so long on that only part.

When I got home I played on the server, discussed an issue with the owners and co-owner, did some math, played some more, then watched YouTube.

That’s all for today.

4 thoughts on “Day 261 – 99% chocolate”

  1. You’re on day 369 yet you started writing only in February of this year. Does that make sense to you? XD

    Also please read my content so we can be friends on this website. Thankssssssssssss!

  2. No wonder xD I accidentally skipped 100 days while titling my entries! Thanks for telling me! And I’ll check out your content first thing tomorrow morning!

  3. Yup! I actually wrote about you in “Day 20” of my journal entries, which is over 4000+ words long, and not published on this site, but I’ll try and port it over.

    I made a comment about how “She’s at day 366 right now, which doesn’t really make sense because she started in February this year, technically there should be only around 280 posts, I don’t think she gets that”

    I also wrote about: “She is writing about pretty advanced computer related topics that only a handful of people in my grade took, like programming, animation, video editing. I mean, we never even had an animation or video editing course in my school, and I went to school in the second richest county in the world’s most powerful country.”

    It would be cool to be friends with you, my skype is peon_hero if you want to add me, lots of stuff to talk about

  4. Glad you’re writing about me, haha, I’ll add you on Skype 🙂

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