Dear Diary




I’d really wanted to post this picture in my Facebook profile but I didn’t because everyone would point out that I’m being “too much of a feminist”. People still think feminists are actually sexist women who think women are superior than men. My own classmates and “friends” would say that. And so I post it here, where I’m just any girl. It really saddens me that people can’t post a single feminist shit and not get frowned upon. 

Anyway. I’m in the middle of final exams. Cramming notes harder than a cow crams grass into their mouths. Have you ever seen a cow eat grass? There are cows everywhere here, all over the roads, wandering into stores and bumping into cars and people. And they eat like they’ve been starved for a week. Maybe they have been, I dunno. No one cares for animals here. Only today my mum wanted me to hit our dogs with a stick to get them away from my Gran (she’s an old feeble lady and would topple with the slightest touch). I know the dogs have never been trained but that doesn’t mean I’d hit them with a stick. One of them has rheumatic arthritis! My dad would always hit them with a stick or kick them or rebuke them. And he’s kinda proud about it, proud that the dogs are afraid of him. 

Well. I’m gonna stop reading this sad things and stop thinking about these sad things and read Dracula. I don’t care it’s 1:25 am right now and I have exam day after tomorrow. 

Goodnight, guys! Wish me luck!

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