God, the meaning of life, life after death and morality

God, the meaning of life, life after death and morals: an essay by Katherine May Cunningham


Imagine this.


  1. Everything is made out of God: human thoughts and feelings (which exist and are actually matter) and other matter.
  2. God is the infinite amount of love that there is.
  3. Love joins sections of God together forever.
  4. Everything has been friends with everything else forever (just not all at the same time) and will be again in the future, forever.
  5. God is the infinite amount of soul (and all matter is soul).
  6. God contains all possibilities.
  7. God contains all memories.
  8. God is where we are at when we leave our brains, which shield us from the rest of God.
  9. God is happiness/love.
  10. God is light/movement/etc.
  11. All of God will one day be 100% happy forever.
  12. Our mission is to create/encourage/support everyone’s belief in God including our own.
  13. When we fail at our mission, it comes back to us one way or another, but eventually at a time in the future every bit of soul will be saved.
  14. God is pride in being good despite evil.
  15. Any given part of God is as important as any other given part of God.
  16. God is togetherness: everything is one piece; nobody is alone. 16. Once you know that all is saved forever, you will never forget it; everything is set up that way.
  17. One day everything will be perfectly happy for everything: it is evolving that way and nothing is getting in its way because there is nothing to get in God’s way but empty space, as God is everything, and since God is one object the parts of God that are touching a “lost” part of God will guide the lost part to the rest of God.
  18. Because the truth always is known in the end, every one of our victims will know everything including our hate for them, so let’s not hate. And we will know how our victims suffered because of us, so let’s not let or make others suffer.


All is saved forever.

And what you think, feel, say and do eventually comes back to you.God, 

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