My Goals/ Middle of the month report November

I have been focusing on them a lot actually. I want to ahead it case it gets tight in the end. I have a tendency to put off fun(?) stuff like eating out, watching movies and all. I feel like I could do any time. I really learn how to set aside some time for entertaining. Over all, I am pretty happy about it. I just want to make sure to keep on working.

My daily goals

Write the journal and do the morning ritual

Eat healthy 80%. Don’t eat when feeling upset or overeat.

Take my meds

I do daily goals pretty well, almost flowless. 🙂 Especially emotional eating. I used to binge on sweet or bad food all the time. I try to notice what kind of state of mind when I eat. If something is wrong, I try to wait until I am relaxed.

My weekly goals

By 5th  set up a journal site/ Done

By 12th Finish reading the book/ Did 11th

By 19th set up a fitness blogs site/Started today using this website

By26th Finish my Kana workbook

Monthly goals ( Entertaining)

3 movies  “the room”/ 6th

3 restaurants “Sushi restaurant”/ 8th

I really need to make some time for those..

Monthly goals (Excercise)

10 days 5k run  /5th , 8th, 12th, 14th,

7 days Yoga  / 1st, 6th, 10th, 15th

5 days Pilates or Abs / 3rd, 7th, 9th, 13th,

3days 1km swim/ 4th 10th

Others/ 2nd HIIT , 11th HIIT,

I did both Yoga and Swim on the 10th.  🙂

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