So I’m now 19 .. holy shit. I haven’t really been writing and I really should because I love it and it makes me feel so much better just to be able to write shit out lol. So I was in a long distance relationship but I broke up with him like six months ago. He was very emotionally abusive and took me awhile to figure it out even though other people knew it before me. I’m currently seeing this amazing guy. And my life for the most part is pretty amazing. Even thought things fall apart and we think are world is over just remember that it isn’t. Great things are to come. Also I have a YouTube channel! Its the same username as my username on here! Check it out and subscribe? Well till next time!




4 thoughts on “MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. WHATTT???”

  1. Way to go girl! Congrats on having the courage to cut things off with that guy! He was a toxic person who most definitely did NOT deserve to be with you. I’m glad you have moved on 🙂 I will for sure check out your YouTube channel as I have one of my own and I know how hard it is to gain momentum on YouTube but I’m sure you will be just fine! Hope you write more on here !

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comment! It means alot. Also I’m not sure if your username is the same as your YouTube name but let me know! I want to check it out. And I’ll for sure be writing more on here!

  3. Your last post was…. LAST YEAR??!
    WELCOME BACK! Keep posting!

    I’m a newbie on this site compared to you. Do we know who runs this website?

  4. Haha thanks! And I have no idea. But thats a good question!

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