November 16th 2016

I woke up 5am this morning. It was still dark outside. Since I changed my meds, it seems like I have more energy. I am so craving for Indian curry so I am thinking to get it for lunch. plus, I could cross of one of my list with that.  I am off to run in a minute.

My morning ritual Day 30

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that I have a place to express my thoughts..I am grateful that I am motivated to work out again I am grateful that I am under control over emotional eating.

2)Write down one positive experience that occurred the past 24 hours as detail as possible.

I like when I am motivated about something. While I was shopping yesterday, it just popped into my head that I want to try coloring. I used to paint watercolor but I wanted it to be something new and challenging. I thought about coloring pencils but picked up pastels instead. I have been learning by books and video to get me started. Positive experiences don’t have to be coming outside but can be inside, also right??

3)Exercise for 15 minutes or more    38 minutes 5.6km run

4)Meditation                                           I did 6 minutes with meditation audio.

5)Write a letter to someone to express gratitude 

Dear Hinako-san   It was so sweet of you to recognize me at the mall. You gave me a hug and asked me how I was.It was so much fun to talk with you. Wish you luck!

How my day is going

5:00 wake up

6:00 drink soy latte and Greek yogurt / Meditation 6 minutes

7:00 run 5.6 km for 38 minutes

9:00 Breakfast/ Rice, bean sprouts miso soup, egg and spinach

10-12 shopping

13:30 Lunch / Curry, naan bread, salad,drink at the restaurant

14:00 Went to the library to work on Kana practice

18:00 Dinner/ Grilled pork, vegies, Tofu, persimmon

21:15  Went to bed

My energy has been so good. I am motivated with a lot of activities even small stuff. I usually get depressed or super tired after evening but it hasn’t been that way. I guess the part of it because my new meds. Hope it keeps working for me.



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