Hi everyone I haven’t been on here for several months but I just discovered that I am pregnant. I will be a teenage mother I know it’s shocking but basically nothing new has happened I am still in school, I’m a senior now, I’ve been applied to work at a pet store for extra money. But I still deal with issues like with my baby daddy (ex boyfriend) who is forcing me to get an abortion otherwise he’ll kill me and himself. He is very unstable but I’ve been staying positive through this whole thing I am tired, actually exhausted I’m working so hard to improve a better life for myself and my child hopefully I can achieve that.

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  1. You have a baby on the way! Congratulations! You will have graduated HS by the time the little one arrives. Do you need to tell police about your ex-boyfriend’s threats , maybe get a restraining order? Stay safe, dear one.

  2. You need to do something about your ex so that he doesn’t hurt you or the baby. IMMEDIATELY. The number one priority is defending the little one inside you. Other than that, I think you will be just fine. I’ve briefly read through your other posts and would like you to consider getting professional help for your anxiety and depression. I have similar issues to you in that regard and I can say that getting help is the best thing you can do for yourself and the others In your life, especially now that you have a baby on the way. You owe it to your child and yourself to get your issues under control. Good luck!

  3. Everything will work out! I know right now it may not seem like it but from the sound of it You’re taking the right steps to do good for your child and yourself. You’ve got to reach out to your ex boyfriends family and your family and come up with something. He can’t be putting you through stress while this is going on!

    Best of luck,xxx

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