President-elect Donald Trump’s election campaign note analysis

Firstly, i would like to congratulate Mr. Donald J. Trump for being elected as 45th President of United State (US). I wish he would be a good president for the people of America and also an exemplary leader to the outside world. Following were few analysis which i have drawn from his election campaign notes;

  1.   During his election campaign, he said that he will build the walls along US-Mexico      border in which i think it was a good initiatives and thought that will cut down illegal immigrants entering in to US soil. Further, this will avert  unemployment issues for the indigenous citizens living in the country. 
  2. He pledge during his campaign that he will remove all the illegal immigrants who are currently living in the country. But in his later remarks, he pointed out that he will remove or jail only the immigrants with having criminal records in which i feel he made a right movement. 
  3. Another promise he made during election campaign was that he will restrict/ban Muslim people entering into US from outside world. For this, i think it is a bad motive whereby it cause trepidation among the native Muslim community who are currently living in US. Also, there is possibility that those people will turn into a terrorist if they cogitate that they are being secluded from American society. Moreover, there are large numbers of muslim people living outside the world who always keep their eyes on America. If Mr. president disparage muslim people in america then there is possibility that they will get influence by muslim people who are living outside US and in turn they will act as copper wire to them to create chaos in America. 
  4. His cynical approach to African-american people : I perceive that it is not a good move as this will bring resentment among them and  it will form a divided america. Therefore, as being a president now, it is in his hand to unit all people as one nation or to break down unity among those citizens living in US. The more be become xenophobic the more the country will get divided. For instance, there are protest which are going on in different parts of Cities in US, it shows how there country will be if the president-elect don’t solicitude citizens of America equally.
  5. His ambiguous remarks about NATO allies : It is a bit worrying thing that he will build a cordial relationship with Russia and withdraw from NATO.
  6. Withdrawal  from the Climate change agreement : If he is obstinate about the remarks he made during his campaign regarding the withdrawal of US from climate change agreement at Paris then i think it will have tremendous affect to global at large. 

Hope and wish he will be a good president to all American!!!!

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