read my complaints!

depression is bad today

didnt take my meds on time so i get to have brain zaps

shitty roommate making it incredibly fucking hard for me to not feel homicidal

i am irritable beyond belief 

i spent 5 hours at the hospital last night just for them to diagnose me with a UTI i already knew i had and could simply be diagnosed by a urine sample except they fucking LOST mine so i had to do another one 

cried in my car afterwards because noodles & company was closed at 9:35 last night even though their hours say open til 10 and the lady at the register just gave me a stone faced expression when i pulled on the locked door

my roommate has been coughing and obnoxiously clearing her throat for the last 2 weeks and im actually losing my goddamn mind over it 

she doesnt clean

she will put her shit away but leave hair all over the sink and floor and now the drain is clogged AGAIN. FROM HER. and who called maintenance after dealing with it for a week last time? me

she wont stop singing and it really sounds bad i dont even care jesus christ

fucking. kill me

just do it lol


2 thoughts on “read my complaints!”

  1. In another life I’m pretty sure we are best friends because the other day I walked into chipotle, saw the line, walked back out and just cried in my car. If we were friends I would totally get you noodles and bring them to you for lunch tomorrow. I don’t know if that’s weird but I hope things get better for you!

  2. Cool! Wisconsin, that’s the state I know absolutely nothing about.

    Can’t you tell your roommate “Hey, about your singing, can you please practice somewhere else? I’m trying to study and it is irritating me.”

    I mean you’re a human, you have to talk to other humans. Tell them things. Do things with them…. Don’t just sit around and sulk.

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