When you get what you want and don’t know how to handle it

Before we got married I told my husband it was extremely important to me we make time for our friends after the wedding. Our social life took a hiatus because we were extremely busy planning. Lately, however, I’ve been somewhat nagging him to keep his promise. My social life has really picked up in that I’m closer to my BFF than every and I’ve spent more time with other girls as well. My husband hasn’t been as social. I don’t like him spending so much time with this dad. It’s unhealthy. His father is a decent man and all, but he’s severely depressed and has some pretty toxic (chain smoking and unhealthy eating) habits that I don’t want my husband to pick up on even more than he already has. Also, he’s only 31! He shouldn’t be spending his Saturday nights sitting on a couch with his old man. It’s sad. Anyway, he went to his soccer game an hour early (probably to watch as there are tons of other games going on and there’s always teammates loitering around) and he’s going to the pub the team is sponsored by after. On one hand I worry about my man being away from me. Pathetic, I know. But we all have our insecure moments and if I wasn’t insecure about losing him I probably shouldn’t have married him. You need to be afraid to lose what you have, you know? In sum, I’m really happy he’s going to spend some time with friends. This was what I wanted, right? It’ll be good for us. But then I picture some girl hitting on him and I want to lose my shit, lol.

2 thoughts on “When you get what you want and don’t know how to handle it”

  1. on one hand, it sounds like you have a legitimate concern. but on the other hand, i think you should give your husband a bit of a break here. i think its a bit sweet he likes to spend so much time with his dad, no matter how abnormal it might be for guys his age to do so. he’s probably just trying to hold on to the close moments he gets to have with his dad while they last. The important thing is that he doesnt try to deter you from spending time with your friends, so in a way he IS keeping his promise. Just let him follow his own path and hang out with his friends and socialize on his own agenda and you both will be way better off 🙂 also, about the jealousy when he is away from you, that is normal. maybe have a talk with him to reassure your mind. hope this helps. I wish you luck!

  2. Ah, for my relationships I don’t even care what my partner does. If she goes out to enjoy herself and finds someone else – I am happy for her. Hey, I’m only here to make her happy, if she’s happier with someone else then less work for me 🙂

    At least we shared those few moments together no one else can replace.

    I mean bruh, if you truly love something, let it free. Life is pretty freaking short, you can’t worry about such things. Worry about the true nightmare – death (something I write about in my first post on this site)

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