Perhaps you’re a pacifist. Perhaps you simply mind your own business. You’re probably this type of person during an argument, especially the most heated kind.

Then how do people see you? A coward? A selfish brat? Someone who simply can’t make up their mind and just need more time?

An observer who sees a much bigger picture out of the matter itself?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what they say. They can think about you all they like. They don’t have to understand every thing, because they just won’t. You don’t need to explain anything.

Everyone has a cause to fight for in this world. The privilege and the well-off are striving to keep the status quo, because – let’s just face this – they like where they are and would like to keep it that way. Who doesn’t and who won’t? They’ve got all the advantages in the society. Name, fame, influence, power, you name it. They can use them all they like too, either for a good cause, on other people, or even against those they despise. Lucky.

The ones treated more like underdogs are striving to get noticed, be heard, and – hopefully in the end – be understood. In their world, there’ll always be an injustice. They don’t have all the privilege and advantages they deserve or need. Most of the time, they end up getting taken an advantage of. The angriest ones are the perfect pawns because they’re the most well-driven. Send them out, for they’ll be the bravest standing on the first line – ready for an attack.

Oftentimes, they (don’t feel the need to) question. Why are they here? What for? Because once they do, their loyalty to the cause itself is questioned. They’re not expected or even allowed to have any second thoughts. Just dive in without a doubt. There’s no other way out.

Then what happens when they get all the blame for the chaos and the mayhem after that? Whoever is behind the mass movement might have already fled the scene, letting the pawns take the fall. Well, even if they’re still around and showing their face, they’re still untouchable. Somehow, they always manage to find a way out of the mess they’ve created, no matter how impossible. It’s just a matter of time, though, before something cracks and their weight breaks into it.

After all, they’re still human. Sooner or later, one way or another, they’re bound to pay. It takes some serious amount of faith for anyone to wait for that day.

What if you happen to get caught in the middle or refuse to get involved at all?

It doesn’t really matter, though. You’re not completely off the hook. It depends on the problem. Sometimes, they still demand your involvement, even when you don’t go down the street like the rest of them. They still want you to speak up…for them.

What if you don’t? Then be ready to be called a coward, a hypocrite, or a selfish brat. They’re angry and bitter because you don’t give them what they want: your full support and unquestionable loyalty. It doesn’t matter that you have your own reasons and are entitled to your own opinions.

They can even accuse you of taking the other side already. It doesn’t matter if you don’t. It doesn’t even matter if you try to explain it at all. Angry people can’t listen. They don’t stop to think.

In the end, silence is all you have – whether just for now or else.

So, what do you do?

Let God alone decide your next step. Follow your instinct. It’s alright to be scared, as long as you don’t let fear control you. Just do your part. Never forget that you’re important too. Taking care of yourself – including your sanity – is also your obligation.

It’s true. You need some time to figure things out sometimes. Unfortunately, they’re not always that patient. They jump into conclusions, oftentimes about how right they are and how wrong you and others are.

You’re tired. You’ve had it. Silence is all you have now and it’s not out of cowardice.

Silence is when you choose to be smart and sensible. It’s when you choose not to react so quickly and strongly like most people do. You prefer assessing the whole situation as you think.

You’d rather find a solution. Constantly bickering – online or else – doesn’t do anyone any good. It only makes things worse.

It only helps to spread hate even more.

Perhaps you’re a pacifist. Perhaps you just mind your own business. You might even have your own choices.

You just don’t (want to) tell them everything. You’d rather not be part of the chaos. To keep yourself together, the art of not taking any sides requires learning not to care too much. Pick your battles wisely. Believe in yourself and be responsible for every choice that you make.



  1. This was very appropriate for me today (if you happened to see my entry). I like what you said about letting God lead your next step. Also about being responsible for your own well-being and mental health. Thank you for good observations!

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