Day 262 – Ready for a fight

 Tuesday, November 15th 2016

Today was very enjoyable and sparked a fight made out of passion inside of me. I’ll start with the beginning of the day though—but before I do, if you noticed the sudden 300 to 200 in my entries’ titles, that’s because Megg Gawat pointed out I shouldn’t be at more than a year yet. That’s because when titling my entries I accidentally wrote a 3 instead of a 2 in my hundreds and didn’t even notice. So sorry about that, no wonder I didn’t believe it’s been a year, haha.

I started the day with programming and I did same old, same old. For cooking class though, we planned the activities we’re gonna do later on and one of them is to visit China Town and have a tour of it, know where the best restaurants are, etc. I’m really excited for that, since I love Chinese food.

At lunch Kohai and I sat together and talked about various things. We then went to technology class and this is where things get interesting. We recorded our video for our super speed effect. What it’ll look like is Kohai pick pocketed my phone, then I chase her on top of picnic tables at super speed, then we super speed around a tree, until I lose her. It looks funny without the editing, since it’s us just running, then stopping to swing our hair and make it looked like a gust of wind hit us after we stopped running at super speed. Really excited to see the final product though.

We ended the day with math, which we took that time for making a draft of what classes we want next year. While going through it, they talked about an English class purely for writing books, poetry, journalism, etc. and they said it’s usually an unpopular class, but it is offered online. I jumped for it as soon as I heard it, but the problem is, I took college level for English this year and it’s university level, so I can’t take it. I sent an email to the woman in charge to ask if I can change my English class to university level next semester. The only reason I picked college level in the first place is because the only place I plan to go to after high school that’s in English is a college, so I am definitely capable of English university level, I just chose not to pick it, because I didn’t need it, but now I do, badly. I just hope she yes, that way I can have that class. I’m willing to fight for it and Kohai is willing to help me. I will do whatever I can to get that class, even if I don’t need it. I just love writing and it’s a passion of mine, plus it can help me a little since if I’m going to be doing animation projects, I do need to make up a story, so it’ll help me with that. And who knows? I might write a book on the side and publish it. That’d be a really cool project, so that class would help.

When I got home I talked on the server, made some more Minecraft Christmas themed skins for staff, so there’s only one person remaining and the other I’m not sure if she wants one or not, but if she does, there’s still plenty of time.

That’s all for today. 

4 thoughts on “Day 262 – Ready for a fight”

  1. Yay I get one name drop in, one tiny sentence. Yet I write like 6 paragraphs related to you and our conversation XD. Kinda weird I can be the same age as one of your teachers. I had a 24 year old teacher back in high school, me being 14 at the time.

    I would suggest one thing though, as a person of teacher age I can make awesome suggestions. When you say something like “I started the day with programming and I did same old, same old.”

    Think about how, right NOW it’s the same old same old, next year you won’t even remember. I would suggest to write exactly what you did to better remember it in the future. Every day disappears quickly. I am already a lot older than 16, but I remember 16 like it was yesterday.

  2. Huh? Never said I had a teacher of your age, and alright, I’ll try to write it, but the reason why I say same old most of the time, is because I did the exact same thing as what I did the day before and don’t want to repeat or if I forgot what we did exactly. And I usually don’t write a lot about other people on this website in my entries other than thanks :p

  3. Well I said “I _can_ be the same age as one of your teachers” not saying I was. And then I compared it to me actually having a 24 year old teacher. Make sense?

    Can’t wait to read your entry later 😀

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